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2-Burner BBQs

At Ziegler & Brown, we’ve got a superb range of stylish 2-burner gas BBQs that offer an outstanding cooking experience. Discover your perfect barbeque today!

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About 2-Burner BBQs

Every home is unique, and the gas BBQ you choose must fit into the space you have and your individual sense of style.

Setting yourself up with the perfect gas BBQ to cook delicious grilled dishes for your family, friends and other invited guests is an important decision for you to make.

At Ziegler & Brown, we’ve got a superb range of stylish 2-burner gas BBQs that will stand the test of time while offering an outstanding cooking experience.


Why Choose a 2-Burner Gas BBQ?

The number of burners you’ll need depends on a wide range of factors, including the amount of available space you have and the number of people you’ll regularly be cooking for.

If space is an issue, or you just like the look, feel and convenience of a smaller BBQ, the 2-burner gas BBQ range at Ziegler & Brown will more than satisfy your needs without compromising on elegance or your ability to cook quality meals.

Your patio or balcony will perfectly accommodate any choice you make from our collection, while our Twin Grill range can be loaded into the back of your car for those special ‘on-location’ events like birthdays and long-weekend get-togethers.  

If your BBQ cooking is generally limited to hamburgers, sausages and small steaks, a 2-burner gas BBQ will be more than enough to feed an entire party. However, if you like to be a little more adventurous and prepare whole fish, racks of ribs and roasts for your guests, you’re better off serving smaller groups of around 6-8 people.


Which BBQ Should You Choose?

The Ziegler & Brown BBQ you choose will depend on your specific needs. For example, will your BBQ be used for preparing meals at home, or do you want the convenience of taking it with you to cook remotely? Our 2-burner gas BBQ range includes:

  • Turbo Classic 2 – One cast iron burner and one RQT burner inside a fully welded vitreous enamelled steel firebox and hood.
  • Turbo Elite 2 – Two RQT burners inside a fully welded vitreous enamelled steel firebox and hood. The grill is 100% stainless steel with vitreous enamelled cast iron hotplate.
  • Twin Grill – Two cooking grills, two individual burners, and cast iron matt vitreous enamelled rust and dishwasher-proof grills.

When choosing a 2-burner gas BBQ, you can be sure the range at Ziegler & Brown will deliver on its promise to create long-lasting products and an exceptional cooking experience.

Features of our 2-Burner Gas BBQ Range

Our range delivers award-winning contemporary design and cutting-edge technology, and the convenience only a 2-burner gas BBQ can offer. Depending on the model you buy, our range features:

  • Great heat retention with a fully welded, vitreous enamelled steel firebox with double skin, or die-cast aluminium firebox and hood
  • Healthier fat-free cooking and easier cleaning thanks to the inverted V-shaped grills
  • Award winning Radiant Quartz Technology (RQT) – burners that deliver radiant heat, resulting in the most succulent meat imaginable
  • Built to last stainless steel grill, or cast iron grills with matt vitreous enamel finish
  • High domed hood that offers incredible versatility so you can prepare meals that are limited only by your imagination.

Browse and purchase from our range online, or head to your nearest Barbeques Galore, our exclusive barbeques, accessories and heaters retailer. Use our handy locator tool to find your nearest store.