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4-Burner BBQs

Anything that can be cooked in your family household oven can be recreated with our premium 4-burner gas BBQs at Ziegler & Brown.

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About 4-Burner BBQs

When making the all-important BBQ buying decision, you need to ask yourself a few questions. How much space do I have? How many people will I be cooking for? What sort of food will I be preparing? What sort of quality do I want and how much am I prepared to spend?

These are all vital questions you must consider to ensure you purchase the perfect BBQ for your particular set of circumstances.

For those wishing to take their BBQ experience to a higher level, a 4-burner gas BBQ could be the answer, and the incredible range at Ziegler & Brown will simply blow you away.


Why Choose a 4-Burner Gas BBQ?

A 4-burner gas BBQ is for those who want to have everything they need to prepare the perfect grill-based banquet right at their fingertips.

Literally anything that can be cooked in your family household oven can be recreated with your Ziegler & Brown 4-burner gas BBQ.

Not only can you prepare delicious meats such as roasts, racks of ribs and those all-important succulent steaks, but you can also bake bread and cakes, cook any pizza you can think of, and create crepes and other desserts to satisfy those with a sweet tooth.

If you’ve got the outdoor entertaining space, having one of these at your side means you can entertain a small gathering or a large party with minimal fuss.

A combination of your BBQ, mouth-watering foods, essential accessories and cooking know-how will ensure anyone who is lucky enough to enjoy a meal prepared by you will go home happy and satisfied.

Features You’ll Love

Not only does Ziegler & Brown have 4-burner gas BBQs that offer unparalleled cooking opportunities, they will add a touch of class to your outdoor area thanks to their chic modern design. With three ranges to choose from, features in the BBQ you choose can include:

  • A complete set of four award-winning Radiant Quartz Technology (RQT) burners, providing the perfect cooking conditions for succulent meats, or a combination of RQT and cast iron burners
  • Maximum heat retention thanks to the fully welded vitreous enamelled steel firebox and hood with double skin, or fully welded stainless steel firebox and hood
  • Rust-resistant vitreous enamelled cast iron or full stainless v-shaped grills, perfect for fat-free cooking and ease of cleaning
  • Side burner, vitreous enamelled cast iron hotplate, infra-red rear burner and rotisserie kit
  • Dual halogen lights built into the hood to make night-time cooking a walk in the park.

Which BBQ is Perfect for You?

No matter which Ziegler & Brown BBQ you choose, you can count on quality. From their sleek design to the cutting-edge features, your choice really comes down to which one has everything you need. Our 4-burner gas BBQ range includes:

  • Turbo Classic – Two RQT burners and two cast iron burners, vitreous enamelled cast iron grills, all inside a fully welded vitreous enamelled steel firebox and hood.
  • Turbo Elite – Four RQT burners, full stainless steel grill, inside a fully welded vitreous enamelled steel firebox and hood.
  • Grand Turbo – Four RQT burners, full stainless steel cooking grill, infra-red rear burner and rotisserie kit, all inside a fully welded stainless steel firebox and hood.

Each of our 4-burner gas BBQ options come as a build-in version, allowing you to incorporate it into the build of your home or outdoor entertaining area. The Turbo Classic and Turbo Elite ranges also offer Island Modules so you can create your dream outdoor kitchen. You can even add a corner table, sink and fridge so you’ll never have to cook inside again!

Get Your BBQ Today

To find out which Ziegler & Brown 4-burner gas BBQ is right for you, browse our Turbo Classic, Turbo Elite and Grand Turbo ranges online, or just head down to see them for yourself at your nearest Barbeques Galore store.