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Built-In Gas BBQs

Built-In gas BBQs from Ziegler & Brown give you the opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Check out all the features and choose your ideal barbeque!

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About Built-In Gas BBQs

Setting up an outdoor kitchen area is an excellent way to entertain and feed your family and friends. Space doesn’t necessarily have to be an inhibiting factor given built-in gas BBQs come in a range of sizes, from a modest 2-burner BBQ to more elaborate 6-burner BBQs with added accessories such as fridges, sinks, storage cabinets and countertops. At Ziegler & Brown, we have a selection of built-in gas BBQs to suit almost any outdoor area, from small patio spaces to backyards with swimming pools, tennis courts and full-scale playgrounds.

Which BBQ Should You Choose?

Just the thought of buying a built-in gas BBQ and creating your own outdoor kitchen area is incredibly exciting. Your main consideration will be the space you have to play with, so think about how you want the area to function, and be realistic about which size you should go for. Once you’re comfortable with that, the final choice to make is which range you want to buy from:

  • Turbo Classic – A 50/50 combination of cast iron and RQT burners, fully welded vitreous enamelled steel firebox and hood, and vitreous enamelled cast iron grills. Available in two, four and six-burner setups.
  • Turbo Elite – RQT burners, fully welded vitreous enamelled firebox and hood, full stainless steel grills and bonus vitreous enamelled cast iron hot plate. Available in two, four and six-burner setups.
  • Grand Turbo – RQT burners, fully welded stainless steel firebox and hood, infra-red rear burners and rotisserie, full stainless steel grill and bonus vitreous enamelled cast iron hot plate. Available in four and six-burner setups.

Why Choose a Built-In Gas BBQ?

You’ll find these BBQs give you the opportunity to let your creativity run wild. You can make a statement with a completely outrageous design, or build an understated outdoor kitchen area that seamlessly blends into the design of your home and yard. The BBQ you choose for this area will be the jewel in the crown of your outdoor kitchen, completing what can be an impressive addition to any home. You can construct a brand new area designed for entertaining, presenting a touch of class and boosting the value, particularly in smaller homes where space is at a premium.

An outdoor kitchen allows you to take the party outside, saving your inside kitchen and floors from harsh wear and tear. No longer will your carpets be pounded over and over again by visitors, and depending on the size of your BBQ and the accessories you add, you’ll never again have to move between your outdoor space and kitchen to prepare a feast for your guests. Everything you need will be right there at your fingertips.

Features You’ll Love

Ziegler & Brown offer 2-, 4- and 6-burner built-in gas BBQs, so no matter what space you have to work with, there’s an option just right for you. Built using the best materials, your BBQ will last for many years to come, while giving you the best chance of cooking incredible dishes every time. Our award-winning designs mean you can feel confident in the knowledge it will add value to your outdoor kitchen area.

Depending on your choice, our built-in gas BBQs feature all or a combination of the following features:

  • Outstanding cooking conditions thanks to the revolutionary Radiant Quart Technology (RQT) burners, ensuring food doesn’t dry out prematurely
  • Perfect heat distribution and retention thanks to the fully welded stainless steel or vitreous enamelled steel firebox and hood
  • Fat-free cooking and hassle-free cleaning due to the fully stainless steel or vitreous enamelled cast iron rust resistant inverted v-shaped grills
  • Vitreous enamelled cast iron hot plates, and infra-red rear burner with rotisserie kit.

What should you do now?

To find out more about our selection of built-in gas BBQs, browse our products online or head in-store to Barbeques Galore, our exclusive retailer.