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BBQ Cooking

See how you can enhance your BBQ Cooking with our official Ziegler & Brown products. Browse our range of BBQ accessories today and become a BBQ Guru!

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About BBQ Cooking

Ziegler & Brown BBQ accessories bring exceptional design, outstanding craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to your outdoor cooking experiences. This means you get products that will not only last for years to come, but that also offer the best cooking conditions possible. However, it’s versatility that really sets Ziegler & Brown apart. You can increase your cooking capabilities by effortlessly interchanging the ‘Shark Tooth’ design grills with BBQ hotplate accessories. With an array of hotplates to choose from, the food you cook on your BBQ is limited only by your imagination.

What Options Do I Have?

Cast iron hotplates, cast iron grills, trivets and baking dishes make up the range of hotplate accessories offered by Ziegler & Brown. These will enable you to prepare any meal of the day, from pancakes for breakfast to hamburgers for dinner and cake for dessert.

  • Cast iron hotplate – Cook eggs and pancakes on the flat side, then turn it over to the griddle side to allow meat fat to drain away for healthier meals. It’s also great for cooking fish and vegetables.
  • Cast iron grill – Steaks, hamburgers, sausages…you name it, this grill can handle it.
  • Baking dish – Cook roasts on the roasting rack surrounded by your favourite vegetables for the perfect Sunday night dinner.
  • Trivet – Use the trivet to cook stir-fries in a wok, or soups in a pot. Sit a pizza stone across the trivet and cook the most amazing BBQ pizzas you’ll ever eat.

Features of our BBQ Hotplate Range

The beauty of our collection of hotplate accessories is the attention to detail. They are designed to offer an outstanding cooking experience, while lasting many years into the future without decreasing in quality.

  • Portable Grill full cast iron hotplate – For the 1-burner model, it’s made for optimum rust resistance, while heating up fast and retaining it’s heat.
  • Portable Grill reverse half hotplate – Also for the 1-burner model, this hotplate is made from lightweight cast aluminium with an easy to clean non-stick coating. It’s smooth on one side, with a griddle design on the other to offer multiple cooking opportunities.
  • Twin and Triple Grill hotplates – For the 2 and 3-burner models, this reversible grill is flat on one side with a griddle design on the other, and is made from rust resistant cast iron. Available in both centre grill design for the 3-burner model, and side grill design for both 2 and 3-burner models.
  • Cast iron grill – Available as a half grill for the Portable Grill BBQ, it has a matt vitreous enamel finish to prevent rusting, and the signature Ziggy ‘Shark Tooth’ design so fat drains away during the cooking process.
  • Trivets – Made from stainless steel, the drop-in trivet is used with large woks, pots, pizza stones and large frying pans, while the mini trivet is used for smaller pots.
  • Baking dish and rack – Fitting into the centre grill of the 3-burner model, the baking dish is made from solid cast iron for the best heat efficiency.

The cast iron hotplates, grill and baking dish are all dishwasher safe, so once you’re done cooking a delicious meal, cleaning up is a breeze!

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Take a look at your BBQ hotplate options online, or talk to an expert in person at any Barbeques Galore store. Find your nearest outlet with the handy store locator.