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BBQ covers

Protect your Ziegler & Brown barbeque with a BBQ cover. Taking care of it will ensure you a great barbeque feast every time. See more BBQ accessories today!

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About BBQ covers

Ziegler & Brown barbeques are made to combat rust thanks to the stainless steel or vitreous enamelled cast iron used in the firebox, hood and grills. That means your barbeque will last for many years into the future, despite the best decaying efforts of the weather. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a BBQ cover whenever it isn’t in use. It’s not just the moisture in the air that can have a negative impact on your BBQ; it also needs to be protected against the sun, wind, pollen, dried leaves and dust, not to mention the local wildlife and creepy crawlies that will be interested to see what’s under the hood!

What Options Are Available?

Covering your BBQ when it isn’t being used will help ensure your meals will be cooked to perfection for the foreseeable future. Prolonged exposure to the elements isn’t beneficial for any barbeque, even those built from the best materials like the Ziegler & Brown range. It makes sense to buy a cover to protect your investment. Your choice of BBQ cover will depend on the style of Ziegler & Brown BBQ you own.

Features of This Range

BBQ covers come in a wide range of materials, however some are much better than others for protecting your BBQ from the weather and animals. Some materials can actually attract animals because they offer a warm and comfortable sanctuary, while others are likely to deteriorate quickly. A quality BBQ cover will have a range of features to protect it, which minimises how often you need to clean it while maintaining the integrity of the grill for superb cooking results every time.

All Ziegler & Brown BBQ covers:

  • Are made with a polyester outer layer and PVC inner lining. Polyester is the perfect material as it’s light-weight, dries quickly, can be used in any weather conditions, and is water and sunlight resistant so it won’t rot. The PVC inner lining adds an extra layer of water resistance, and is unappealing for insects and bugs looking for a place to call home!
  • Come with a built-in vent. This is designed to eliminate the possibility of condensation forming under the cover, as well as reducing billowing so your cover doesn’t blow away in high winds.
  • Are designed to perfectly cover and protect your Ziegler & Brown BBQ, whether it’s just the BBQ itself, or the optional stand as well.

The Portable Grill carry bag is made from a highly durable, fully insulated material so you can securely transport and store your BBQ in your car, garage, caravan or anywhere out of the way.

Find Your Cover

Speak with a sales representative at Barbeques Galore, our exclusive retailer, about the best cover for your Ziegler & Brown BBQ – you can find your nearest outlet using the store locator. Alternatively, browse our range online to discover more information about our products.